Bicycle Navigation (Foam Prototype)

Cyclist is on the rise, and for good reasons. However, there is a lack of navigation system for cycling. Current solutions require you to have to look at a screen to plan your trip, and to follow your assigned route.

With this project, I used foams (foam board and floral foam) to create a prototype of a bicycle navigation. This device can be mounted to the stem.

Through Bluetooth, the device will receive directions from smartphones. The bump on top is the on/off toggle for the Bluetooth connection. Once connected and synced, a voice instruction of the direction will be given. To adjust the volume, turn the band that is surrounding the device.

The idea is that when we ride the bicycle, we can easily, through feel of texture, adjust the volume of the given directions.

Initial sketches of concepts and jotting down of ideas.

Research through images, a smaller version of moodboard.

First try: using foam board.

Second try: using floral foams.