PolyAnalyst Web Report

PolyAnalyst is the flagship software for Megaputer Intelligence. It’s a versatile tool that is capable of handling the full process of data mining, from data entry to data analysis. Reports that are generated, can then be used to provide analysis on the data.

The web report had a range of functionality such as providing multiple sheets in a single report, in-report filters, versioning of previously published reports, etc.

A lot of time were spent in discussing ways to display, and interact with the controls. Since the web report is interactive, the controls needs to be made available when needed, and hidden when not.

Web Reports

Wireframes for Web Reports listing

Wireframes for sample screen of a Web Report.

Wireframes for potential Error Messages in the Web Report.

There were also projects related to the software design for PolyAnalyst, and Web Report Editor. For more details on the different projects (i.e. interactive mockups) please feel free to contact me.