Your and My Little Sprout

You and Mine Little Sprout is a conceptual application that monitors and responds to the completion of tasks in group-based projects.

Each project is assigned a healthy, green plant. The goal of the team is to maintain the health of the plant throughout the period of the project. The more assign tasks you completed on time, the healthier the plant will be. In contrary, if you fail to finish your assigned tasks on time repetitively, the plant will start to wither.

Healthy Sprout – as influenced by completed tasks

Unhealthy Sprout – as influenced by missed deadlines

Playing off our innate nature to maintain and keep something in a good shape, the application uses visuals to highlight issues of unbalance workload and the lack of participation within team working on group-based projects.

We have also incorporated a ‘Facilitator View’ for team leads to manage group tasks.

This project was published and presented as a work-in-progress poster at CSCW 2011 in Hangzhou, China.
Your and My Little Sprout (ACM Digital Library)